Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brain dead


Ironing clothes?intern's job.

Haha!its the first time i post a picture other from my usual photography work. Production is kinda hardcore, woke up at 5.30am this few days den rush to changi for filming. During production, me and other interns will have to help around like moving equipments, holding reflectors, buy lunch, and all sort of random stuffs etc.

Basically we are the lowest life form in the crew, we just do wadever is told, lol. but we get to learn stuffs also lah, like how production really works and how to deal with situation during filming etc.

So i was assigned to take production stills during the production, below are some of the pics.





On production set.


The 3 interns.

There are more pics to come, but im lazy to upload, shall post on the next post :]

4 more weeks to end of the attachment!

Here is a list of things to do after my attachment

  • Go to places with girl like,
  • Chalet
  • Sentosa
  • Zoo
  • Fly kite
  • Dine at some nice restaurant
  • Plan and celebrate for girl's birthday
  • Get myself a present?ps3?wii?
  • Car license
  • Take part in film competition
  • Stay at home and slack

Friday, June 5, 2009

10 more weeks! :)


Took it when i was about to leave pasir ris.

Its weekends!Internship is fine but production is starting soon which means i am going to be real busy.12 hours a day?I think so. This few days i was in the train and when i started coughing, i will get stares from ppl, i think is due to the damn swine flu thing.

Tml working again at flyers.

Damn, i really need a holiday.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2nd day of attachment.


It's blue, depressing. I stare at the monitor for a few hours, my mind wanders elsewhere for a few hours. The attachment is going to last for 4 months, its just barely two days. Its like being trapped in a lift for 8 hours, its so mentally distracting, i dont even feel relieved when i leave the building, jus feel like tomorrow is going to be another same day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Im back, silently.


Singapore Flyer, taken by phone.

YEAH, IM TIRED!My holidays suppose to be relaxing de sia, now turns out to be so hectic.So how have i been?hmm.. im now working in singapore flyer!I will either taking photographs or talking rubbish to customers, if anyone going for a ride pls look out for me!lol.


This is the kind of photo we are promoting,


We have the night one too, haha.

its like almost 3 months since my last entry, i must really admit that im lazy man.. :/ Have to work for 7 days for nex wk, i have been working since this tue..hmm..tat means i am working 16 days consecutively!Tats alot of money, but i will be dead beat.arghh...need to chill out before i end my holidays..if not got money also no time to spend!I think i will be ordering some shirts from fred perry, anyone interested to join me?

Sunday, January 11, 2009



Fort Canning Park.

ALOT OF PROJECTS TO BE DONE AGAIN.omg, its always a rush hour when it comes to the last sem of the year. Most properly have to chiong project during chinese new year..arhh..Finally im getting back to photography, its been a few months since i push the shutter, due to projects and im lazy -.-.
felt like getting current phone really sucks man,so to go now. meeting kevin(the mat guy,hahah) lastly, happy birthday to sarah and yan ling :]

Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Merry Christmas People!

Yup, one more day to Christmas.In singapore, i felt christmas is quite boring although we have the lights, santa claus and angel figures throughout the town areas. I think we really lack of one thing, which is snow. Unlike angmoh countries, sian..we only have Dont u think so, if ther's snow, it really brings out the christmas mood..i dont know about u guys..maybe i watch too much movies.

Been working for 4 days at Sony roadshow, nth much actually..was slacking all the way..playing ps3 and psp at the booth. When i went into the storeroom, saw alot of ps3 sets inside!!buay tahan..nearly want buy it!!damn.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Projects :/


Old Changi Hospital.

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys :) Few days ago went out for night photography with kiat and terry, but dunno why end up we went to eat instead of taking pics. I and kiat manage to take a few pics, terry din even take his camera out of the car, lol. We eat to eat tou hui at rochor rd, den off to eat geylang to eat curry rice and durian. After that, all of us fall asleep in the car while on the way home except kiat(cos he driving,lol)

.Shall post sum birthday pics on the next post den.ciao

Sunday, November 30, 2008

im back for no reason.


This picture makes me wana go home.

Im back!Been working in sitex show at expo for 3 days, still got one more day to go..I work for Norton again -.- suay, wanted to try selling other stuffs but dunno why ended up being pushed to sell norton products.

It's my birthday today, but none of my friends actually remember.kinda sad uh..haha..

Monday, October 13, 2008

School Of Sian.


Lory at the bridge.

Phew, sch reopens and i pon sch on the first day lol.Working was fun, slack around at lory loft with kevin and talk crap. i need my pay man, faster come!!!damn, need to get shoes, clothings and some good food.Gonna slack in sch tml from 8-6.sian.